Asmongold explains how Katerino scandal affects other content creators

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Asmongold weighed in on the recent Katerino cheating scandal, and how it’s going to affect other content creators during an April 15 broadcast.

Asmongold, who is known for his impressive World of Warcraft streams, watched Katerino’s short video where she addressed rumors claiming that she cheated on YouTuber CallMeCarson with fellow content creator Fitz.

Once he finished watching the video, the streamer went into detail about how this whole scandal can have negative implications for any YouTuber who enters a relationship with another content creator.

Katerino cheating on her boyfriend CallMeCarson.


“All the time that I was with Izzy [Pink Sparkles], I had to deal with these stupid f**king comments, of people accusing her of doing things and having intentions she didn’t have,” he said. “This made my relationship with her slightly worse.”

The WoW streamer had dated Pink Sparkles for over a year, and while it was stressful, the accusations of unfaithfulness and alleged "gold-digging" didn’t help.

“I think it’s something that’s in the back of the mind of a lot of other content creators who are out there and dating someone else who is also a content creator,” he continued. “The reason why people have that opinion and the reason why people think that and the reason why they’re paranoid is because of people like this.”


“These are the people. These are the reasons that I have the problems that I have with her,” he blasted.

He went on to say that people like Katerino “create a stereotype” and “narrative” that is harmful.

“This has personally affected me,” he said.


Asmongold then revealed that he knew even more information about her, and while he asked the person involved if he could tell it, the individual is still deliberating on opening up on the sensitive topic.

Katerino claims she’s in therapy now and has apologized for her behavior, which has caused ample chaos among CallMeCarson's fanbase as the situation continues to unfold.