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Asmongold defends Malena over Twitch “cross-banning” controversy

Published: 10/Jul/2021 16:06

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Asmongold explained why he supports ‘cross-banning’ users in multiple channels, after a clip went viral of fellow streamer Malena doing just that – and receiving some backlash.

Twitch streamer Malena sparked a bit of controversy in a clip that went viral on July 8. Malena banned a viewer not just from Nick ‘NMP’ Polom’s chat, but from multiple channels where she is a moderator. Despite the viewer being a 13-month sub, Malena was taking no prisoners.

As a moderator of multiple Twitch channels, Malena was able to ban the user from other channels too, including her friend Asmongold.

After the clip went viral, nearing 200,000 views, it was brought to Asmongold’s attention and he reacted to it on stream.


Asmongold didn’t mince words after viewing the clip, saying “Do you know what I say? Live like a b***h, you gon’ die like a b***h.”

“You gonna sit in there, talking a bunch of s**t in chat all day long then expect for nothing to happen with it,” he continued. “That’s what happens, boys. That’s what f**king happens. You f**k with somebody over, and over, and over, and they get mad over, and over, and over, that’s what happens.”

“The thing is with cross banning and everything like that, I think it’s completely fine. Anybody that I give mod to in my channel can cross ban people if they feel that person made them uncomfortable.”


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Asmongold decided to stand by his moderator’s decision to cross-ban viewers in his channel.

He continued, “I don’t like the idea that you can abuse one person and go into somebody else’s chat and have no accountability for it. Especially when they’re a friend of mine. I don’t like that at all, and I’m totally okay with the cross banning.”

Asmongold stood by his moderator Malena’s decision to ban the viewer and saw it as a positive thing that mods can exclude toxic viewers across multiple channels.