Asmongold calls out Twitch streamers using trick to inflate views: “same as view botting”

asmongold rich campbellYouTube: AsmongoldTV

Popular World of Warcraft content creator Asmongold is accusing streamers embedding their stream of “view botting”.

Zack “Asmongold“, much like any big-name Twitch streamer, made his career by providing fun content, stories, and injecting his own personality and hard work into his content.

This might be why the topic of view botting, taking shortcuts, or exploiting certain flaws with Twitch or the live streaming model gets such a reaction from the content creator.

Asmongold uploaded a video on January 22 in which he reacted to Vex explaining how Final Fantasy XIV streamers are “view botting” via embedding their videos on popular websites. Zack himself called this practice “desperate and scummy.”

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Asmongold accuses streamers using embeds of “view botting”

According to the Twitch star’s explanation, embedding is a practice where someone displays their stream on a website. This website then, when accessed, will autoplay the stream giving the broadcast on Twitch a view, while oftentimes the user is unaware any stream is even playing.

“Embedding and view botting are functionally the exact same thing” the streamer commented. “I do not think embedding is different than view botting in any way.”

Asmongold went on to explain to the members of his chat that this practice affects the entire platform in a negative way in his opinion.

“I think it’s also worse for viewers. If people are view botting, and they are disproportionally boosting their channel up, they are providing a way for them to not have to earn that spot. And the way that people earn spots in the directory is by providing quality content.

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“If you have somebody who’s cheating their way to top directory spots, which is going to give them more visibility to a browse viewer. And then that browse viewer thinks ‘wow this must be an interesting stream because there’s a lot of people here’, and then they tune in and its view botted.

“That person just had their time wasted,” concluded Zack

The streamer also explained that he doesn’t blame people using this method, he simply wishes Twitch would not count that as active viewership or do something else about it.