Asmongold calls EEvisu a “piece of sh*t” following OTK Schooled cheating scandal

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Asmongold has hit out at mash star EEvisu after he was caught cheating during the final round of OTK’s game show ‘Schooled.’ 

Streamer EEvisu won $50,000 after being crowned the champion of OTK Schooled Season 2, beating fellow small streamer ExtraEmily.

However, things turned heated after viewers compiled a number of clips and images that showed EEvisu cheating during the episode’s final question. As a result, he issued an apology video, and ExtraEmily was proclaimed as the “real” winner of Season 2.

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Several streamers have already shared their opinions on the drama. Now, one of OTK’s co-founders Asmongold has given his response, calling EEvisu a “piece of sh*t” for cheating.

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OTK co-founder blasted EEvisu for cheating during the final question in Season 2 of OTK’s Schooled.

Asmongold slams EEvisu for cheating

As co-founder of OTK, fans were eager to hear what Asmongold had to say about the scandal surrounding EEvisu cheating in the final round of the Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?-style show ‘Schooled.’ During his livestream on April 26, Asmon admitted that he wanted to move on from the incident, but was annoyed by EEvisu’s actions.

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“I mean, the guy’s a piece of sh*t for cheating. I’m glad that he at least admitted up to it and I think let’s just move on.”

EEvisu did issue an apology saying that he had spoken to the OTK team and that he wanted to have a “clean conscience” after the drama. However, the clip seemed a bit forced for Asmon, who accepted EEvisu’s apology, but claimed he only came clean because he got caught.

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“The thing is he admitted it after it was proven almost beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was cheating,” the Twitch star said. “It’s not like he just grew a conscience overnight. I think people grew a little bit of evidence overnight and then somehow he grew a conscience after that. So, that’s really what happened.”

Schooled certainly was no stranger to cheating allegations. Although, earlier on in his stream, he claimed that it would be “totally f*cking amazing” to set up a ‘Summer School’ where OTK would bring all the ‘cheaters’ together to participate in a game show.

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Mizkif may have proclaimed that he was canceling the fan-favorite Schooled following the numerous cheating scandals. However, Asmon and his fans have found the perfect alternative.

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