Asmongold and Sneako clash over MrBeast’s support of Chris Tyson

Sneako and Asmongold twitter fight over MrBeast

Twitch streamer Asmongold got into a heated exchange with Sneako on Twitter after the streamers disagreed over how online communities were reacting to Chris Tyson’s HRT announcement.

In a tweet, Asmongold stated that he thought it was “exhausting” to see people online discuss the personal lives of content creators, responding to a YouTube video from SunnyV2 that speculated that Chris could become a liability for MrBeast’s content.

He said: “How is it that people have nothing better to do than micromanage and mald about the lifestyles of content creators?”

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“It’s exhausting how opinionated internet users are about the personal lives of people they’ll never meet. Holy f*ck.”

Sneako and Asmongold clash over Chris Tyson

However, content creator Sneako replied to the tweet, claiming that Asmongold was a hypocrite because he wasn’t as annoyed when Sneako was the subject of internet controversy, during his conflict with MoistCr1tikal.

“When it’s SNEAKO everybody farms clout digging into my past. When it’s a trans you cry.”

Asmongold hit back with “When Chris pulls out a gun and threatens you because of this tweet, let me know.”

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He also asserted that it wasn’t a double standard because he defended Sneako when his personal life was under the microscope, in the same way he was doing for Chris.

“I literally defended you on the cuck shit because it’s your own personal choice, just like this is for Chris. It’s not a double standard.

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“I try to stay away from shitting on people for personal reasons unless they hurt others. The only ideology I’m defending here is individualism, to be who you want to be.”

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But Sneako wasn’t convinced, saying the exchange was a “great example of how wokeness is the constant need to be the victim.”

Asmongold then replied: “Wouldn’t that mean that you’re woke considering you came into my tweet about another person and made yourself into the victim?”

Sneako ended the exchange by telling Asmongold to “re-read your original tweet.”

Sneako has previously said he wants Chris to stop his HRT, saying “this is not the right path” for a role model to take.

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Chris Tyson has received lots of support from content creators across different platforms. Twitch streamer F1NN5TER defended him from haters on TikTok, while MrBeast has repeatedly voiced his support for his friend on Twitter.

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