Asmongold accepts huge FFXIV Online challenge with 10,000 gifted sub bet

Asmongold bets 10,000 subs in response to FFXIV challengeTwitch: Asmongold, Square Enix

Twitch streamer Asmongold doesn’t shy away from a good bet, and he’s offered to gift 10,000 subs to fellow streamer Zepla if he completes this insane FFXIV Online challenge.

As Asmongold continues to dive deeper into the wonders that Ezorea has to offer, he’s done everything from shatter Twitch viewership expectations, to losing against FFXIV’s terrifying mechanic hydra, Kalyia, with only 0.1% of its HP left.

Continuing to document his journey online, Twitch viewers are chiming in with their opinion of his playstyle, constantly challenging the MMO legend to try out new, insane things.

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One such challenger is fellow streamer Zepla, who claimed that Asmon wouldn’t be able to complete this incredibly difficult FFXIV challenge. As you can imagine, he wasn’t having any of it.

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Asmongold has become one of the biggest names in Twitch gaming.

Asmongold accepts FFXIV challenge on Twitch

Zepla dropped a clip on-stream that has riled up not just the self-professed professional neckbeard, but his community.

While scrolling through his subreddit, Asmon stops on her video, only to find himself facing the challenge of a lifetime.

“I’ll say it,” she begins, going on to confess that “I am so convinced that Asmongold cannot clear The Epic of Alexander Ultimate before Endwalker, and if he actually does it I’ll go Lalafell for a week.” Lalafell are some of the least popular races in the game, hence playing as the character would be a nightmare for a lot of fans.

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With Endwalker set to debut on 23 December, Asmongold appears to have quite a bit of time on his hands. However, he ups the stakes even more by placing a bet against himself.

“If by the release of Endwalker I do not have a single Ultimate cleared I will gift 10,000 subs,” he states, concluding the segment with a determined “I can do this.”

Ultimate tier raids are the highest raid tier in FFXIV, with them being described as for “the best of the best.” Also, the steel menace that we mentioned earlier that sent Asmon into an explosive rage happens to be a boss in one of the game’s three Ultimate raids, and we all saw what happened there.

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Can he do it? He’s certainly confident, but we’ll have to see if he can put his money (literally) where his mouth is.