Asian TikToker opens up after hit by racist barrage on social media

Asian TikToker Racism OmegleYouTube: Wanton Productions

Asian TikToker ‘Seantanwonton’ shared an experience he had with a young man hurling racial slurs at him on Omegle, claiming it’s not uncommon and left him feeling “pissed, angry and annoyed.”

Seantanwanton, who has almost 100,000 followers on TikTok, is known for posting funny videos. However, a recent one he uploaded was anything but that. It detailed a disgusting brush with racism he experienced on Omegle.

In the video, a young man and his friend start chanting “chink” and “zipperhead” before asking Sean whether he speaks English.

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After he confirmed that he does, they asked him if he knew what a “zipperhead” was and explained one of its very gruesome origins.

Sean, who was taken aback at how enthusiastic the young man seemed when describing the horrific violence, asked him whether he enjoyed it. However, the young man ignored the question and instead asked him if he knew what a “chink” and a “fishhead” were before likening them to the n-word.

Asian TikToker Racism OmegleInstagram: @sean.nnnn
Sean claims it’s not the first time he’s experienced racism on Omegle.

At that point, Sean heard enough and exited the conversation, telling his fans that “someone needs to get canceled”. After gaining traction on social media, he told Newsweek that the situation left him feeling “pissed, angry and annoyed.”

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“The times I’ve been on Omegle, I would always experience such things every time I am on the TikTok server,” he said. “I hope the video teaches others to be respectful to different people from different countries.”

Sean received an overwhelming amount of support on social media, with many users rallying under the #StopAsianHate hashtag on Twitter.

The identity of the young man and his friend in the video remains unknown. However, his face won’t be forgotten, and his actions could come back to haunt him in the future — even if it doesn’t get him canceled.

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