Artists put music back on Spotify after Joe Rogan protest lasts five months

An image of joe rogan and stills, crosby, nash on spotifyCrosby, Stills & Nash, Joe Rogan Experience

Folk-rock trio Crosby, Stills & Nash have rejoined Spotify after ex-bandmate Neil Young protested against the platform. 

Back in February, folk singer-songwriter Neil Young made a pretty big move in having his discography removed from Spotify.

The move came after Young protested for the Sweden-based platform to remove the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, claiming it would “stop supporting Spotify’s deadly misinformation.”

Now, Crosby, Stills & Nash have returned to the platform despite their former bandmates’ stance.

Joe Rogan talking into microphone wearing white shirtSpotify/Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan is a famous podcast host and comedian, best known for his show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’

Neil Young’s ex-bandmates return to Spotify amid Rogan controversy

Crosby, Stills & Nash have ended their five-month protest against Spotify, restoring their back catalog to the platform. This comes after the band previously stated in February “we support Neil [Young] and we agree with him that there is dangerous disinformation being aired on Spotify’s Joe Rogan podcast.

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“Until real action is taken to show that a concern for humanity must be balanced with commerce, we don’t want our music — or the music we made together — to be on the same platform.”

While the band has yet to comment on their decision to re-partner with Spotify, Joe Rogan himself addressed the controversy prior to Young’s withdrawal from Spotify.

Speaking on his Instagram account, Rogan said: “I’m not trying to be controversial. I’ve never tried to do anything with this podcast other than just talk to people and have interesting conversations.”

The podcaster added that he will try to “balance out these more controversial viewpoints with other people’s perspectives, so we can maybe find a better point of view.”

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Neil Young has remained silent since moving his discography to Amazon Music, making it unlikely he will return to Spotify soon.