Artist goes viral after tour of his tiny “skip house” in London

TikToker JJ02395 TheSkipHouseInstagram: harrison_w_marshall/TikTok: jj02395

A man has gone viral on TikTok after showing a creator a tour of his tiny “skip house” that he lives in in the middle of London.

As popular content on TikTok continues to evolve and the weather gets warmer, an increasing number of creators are taking to the streets to ask strangers questions.

Many are asking people how much they pay for rent inside of a big city, sometimes getting one-on-one tours of houses.

TikToker Jub London, who goes by jj02395 on the app, recently met a man spending just £50 a month for rent in what may be the smallest house possible.

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Man with “skip house” in London goes viral on TikTok

Uploaded on March 3, 2023, the viral video has been viewed over 21 million times. In the clip, Jub London tours the man’s skip house which appears to be smaller than some people’s bedrooms.

Meant as a “loophole” to live in central London for next to nothing while he builds up funds, the “skip house” features a bed, storage space, a small kitchen, and a mini-fridge the size of a Prime Energy can.

With over 20 million views, plenty of viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the living quarters.

One user replied: “What in the world can fit in that mini fridge!?”

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“It’s like homeless but in a fancy way,” another viewer said.

A third TikToker commented: “I now want to live in a skip lol.”

What is the Skip House?

The man featured in the viral TikTok is Harrison Marshall, an artist in London who collaborated with others to create the art piece in response to the rising cost of living in London.

In a post on the project’s Instagram page, Harrison explained where the bathroom and shower amenities are located.

So, it’s clear that the art project isn’t exactly a livable solution for most people as basic amenities aren’t available within the house.

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Either way, fans from the viral TikTok video love the art project and have found their way over to The Skip House’s project pages to watch Harrison’s life throughout the next year.