Artesian Builds called out by Twitch streamers after refusing to honor PC giveaway

KiaPiaaTwitch: KiaPiaa

Twitch streamers ‘kiapiaa,’ ‘protezee,’ and ‘strwbrrymoogle’ have called out prebuilt-PC company Artesian Builds after the CEO Noah Katz allegedly changed the rules of a PC giveaway after “belittling” their stream stats. 

Due to a global supply crisis, computer parts like graphics cards have become harder to come across and prebuilt PC companies have risen in popularity with content creators as they have the ability to receive products straight from the manufacturer.

One of those companies is Artesian Builds, which offers an ambassador program that allows creators to share a link or discount code with their community to earn a percentage back from each sale that uses their code.

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Now, three Twitch streamers — kiapiaa, protezee, and strwbrrymoogle — have accused the company’s CEO of “slander” in regards to comments he made after they each won a giveaway.

Streamer calls out Artesian Builds on Twitter

In a multi-tweet thread on her Twitter account, kiapiaa posted clips of the Artesian Builds live stream after her name was chosen to win a completely built PC.

Starting off, her first tweet read: “They have monthly PC giveaways for their ambassadors, great, right? Except they don’t care for small streamers. I got chosen and they changed their rules last minute.”

After reading her Twitch stats and naming off what parts are above his “threshold,” Katz said: “Let’s see if you have any redeeming qualities.”

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Kia’s second tweet shows a clip of the CEO reading off her stats: “All followers combined, still under 5k even across all socials. I was trying to be generous.”

Her tweet said: “You hear this man’s voice? He’s belittling me. It’s slander and defamation of my stream and me as a person. I won that PC fair and square. The rules say that you need the Artesian panel in your twitch About, and I do have it. So what’s the issue @ArtesianBuilds?”

In a third post, showing the aftermath of her name being drawn, Noah said: “And here’s the reroll. Here’s the reason. This person has been an ambassador for three months and hasn’t had a single click [on her link].”

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She said: “Sorry not everyone has money for a PC. It’s expensive! So condescending. Artesian Builds do better. I earned that PC.”

However, Kia isn’t the only person to call out the company. Twitch streamer ‘SonicMega’ claimed that they would have had to buy part of their own product just to be sponsored by Artesian Builds.

They said: “*I* would have had to buy in with my own money for THEIR sponsorship. What a joke.”

More streamers have come out in regards to the Artesian Builds giveaway, totaling three creators who were allegedly denied their prize after Noah realized their stream stats were “not high enough.”

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Twitch streamer strwberrymoogle called the company’s CEO “scum” and that his comments made her feel like all of her work with her stream “had meant nothing.”

Another Twitch streamer, Protezee, took to his Twitter account to mention that although he doesn’t need the PC — he’s appalled at Noah’s comments and actions.

Artesian Builds apologizes

Shortly after Kia posted her multi-tweet thread on Twitter, the company released a four-tweet apology.

The company’s CEO said: “Hey Twittersphere I’m really sorry for the way we did parts of the giveaway today. We’ve given a lot of people a lot of awesome free tech and that’s not going to stop. If you want to talk, I’m here- that’s kind of the point of being live so much.”

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The company went on to talk about how they have always given away computer parts to ambassadors on stream and will continue to do so.

They added: “The easy way is to not be there for you. But I’ve been there for years. I haven’t done much of anything else. I love interacting with you all. And I feel terrible that anyone didn’t enjoy that process today. Please feel free to share ideas on how to improve.”

However, many followers feel the apology was not enough, calling for the company to “do better,” and “don’t treat ambassadors like bugs under your shoe.”

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Later in the day, the company released another statement regarding the ongoing situation.

In the statement, Noah Katz says that he “takes full accountability” and that “due to updated giveaway guidelines” that were allegedly “in alignment” for the giveaway, he “made the wrong decision” to not provide kiapiaa with the PC.

After Katz released his statement on the company Twitter account, Kia revealed that Artesian Builds had reached out to her to offer her the PC she initially won on stream.

She said: “My email back to them was a simple two-sentence reply. No thank you. Take me off your ambassador list.”

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Dexerto has reached out to Artesian Builds for further comment and will update if we hear anything back.