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Are The Mob’s Froste, Classify & Avalanche set to leave 100 Thieves?

Published: 22/May/2021 16:08 Updated: 9/Jun/2021 18:41

by Luke Edwards


Froste, Classify and Avalanche are believed to be leaving 100 Thieves after two years with the LA esports org, four months after the group formally disbanded due to the departure of Mako.

The Mob made waves in the world of content creation in 2020. Thanks to a huge presence on social media and a reputation for producing top-tier memes, roasts and challenges, they were one of the first big acquisitions in 100 Thieves’ development as a brand.

However, fans of the group were surprised when, in December 2020, Mako announced his departure from the group and social media generally, citing how “the plague that is social media” had affected him, and he wanted to leave content creation to find “genuine happiness.”


With this announcement, The Mob soon fell apart, though the remaining members stayed with 100 Thieves to produce content on an individual basis.

Instagram: Mako
Mako’s departure from The Mob sent shockwaves across the fanbase.

However, it looks like after two years with the org, the remaining members of The Mob are set to finally leave 100 Thieves.

One eagle-eyed fan posted on reddit that Avalanche had removed all affiliation with the organization from his Instagram bio and username, prompting speculation that he will be leaving the org.

Meanwhile, Froste had previously announced on his stream that he had no plans to sign a new contract with 100T when his current deal expires.

“Have I left 100 Thieves? Not yet, but my contract ends pretty soon and there’s no plans to re-sign,” he said.


While there are no specific rumors regarding the future of Classify, on May 21 he launched his own line of merch for the first time ever, suggesting he too might be planning for life after 100 Thieves. However, he still reps the organization on his Twitter, which implies he could well be sticking around.

Though the exact date of their contract expiration is unknown, it’s highly likely it will be on or around June 14, as that will mark two years since the four-man team first signed.

For many fans, the departure of Mako signaled the end of The Mob, but the remaining members’ departures from 100 Thieves will be the definitive marker of the group’s breakup.