Are Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker back together? New TikToks have fans hopeful

Quinton Griggs Cynthia Parker back togetherTikTok: @dudewhoscynthiaparker

TikTok stars Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker have officially sparked romance rumors after their breakup four months ago, thanks to a slew of new videos showing the influencers getting cozy.

Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker are two popular TikTokers in their own right, best known for their viral lipsyncing and dancing videos. The two boast an impressive 10 million followers between them.

After dating for nearly a year, Griggs and Parker notably called it quits in March 2021, with Parker announcing their split in a heartfelt tweet that called Griggs her “forever best friend.”

Although it’s unclear why the couple initially parted ways, Parker did reference Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Driver’s License,’ which details the singer’s heartbreak over a fellow who chose another lady.

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The two initially started dating some time in summer 2020, making for a shocking end to their nearly year-long romance… but it looks like things could be back on for the TikTok-famous couple.

In July 2021, Parker posted a video of herself and Griggs casually dancing along to a song in a vehicle to her spam account — with Parker notably carrying a bouquet of roses in her arms.

That’s not all; the TikTokers were also caught holding hands by a sneaky fan, further sparking rumors of a re-ignited romance.

However, it looks like things are officially back on for the couple, thanks to yet another video posted just a few days later.

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Parker posted an affectionate clip with Griggs to her alternate TikTok profile on July 13, showing the two embracing at a restaurant while Parker mouths the lyrics, “You told me it wasn’t over.”

It’s still unknown why the couple decided to break up in the first place, but fans are happier than ever that the TikTok duo is back together after spending just a few months apart.