Apple announces new iPhone feature after TikTokers reveal “cheating” hacks

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Apple has announced a new feature for iOS called ‘safety check,’ intended to aid those in ‘abusive relationships’ just days after TikTokers revealed iPhone hacks to catch cheating partners. 

Just like TikTok’s wide variety of dance trends and viral sound clips, the short-form video app is the home of a wide variety of viral life hacks as well.

One example of these life hacks comes from users teaching others how to use their partner’s iPhone location data to catch them “cheating.” However, the CEO of the charity ‘Refuge’ has warned TikTokers to not advertise these features.

She explained why: “Refuge supports women every day who have been harassed, stalked, controlled, and intimated by their partners or ex-partners who are using technology to perpetrate abuse.”

During Apple’s WDCC showcase, they revealed a new feature of iOS 16 called ‘Safety Check’ that is intended on helping those in abusive relationships.

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Unsplash: David Grandmougin
TikTok is a hub of viral content, but some content shouldn’t be shared.

Apple reveals ‘Safety Check’ iPhone feature

The biggest issue with TikTokers sharing their viral “cheating” hacks, is that it could potentially show abusive partners how to access location data.

However, Apple’s new feature ‘Safety Check’ can help users manage app access and passwords, as well as inform the user who has their information and passwords.

This will help people who may be in abusive, or even just long-standing, relationships cut ties from their former partner across devices by revoking access to certain apps from specific people.

Apple iPhone safety check
Safety Check was announced during WDCC 2022, set to launch with iOS 16.

Apps like Find My, Location, Data, Contacts and more will allow people to regain confidence in their safety.

It’s good to see Apple continue to focus on improving the safety of its users with a near-constant flow of updates.

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