Antonio Brown hits back at Logan Paul after first “low” fight offer

Instagram: Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has seemingly rejected the initial fight offer from Logan Paul’s team, and told the YouTube star he would have to “call back” with a much higher offer if he wants the former NFL star to officially put pen to paper.

The former New England Patriots wide receiver has been embroiled in a war of words with the YouTuber since firing off an initial salvo on January 7, and backed up his callout by demanding Paul “get the papers” days later.

Well, Paul and his team reacted accordingly, getting together the necessary legal documents, and sending them through to AB. All seemed to be going well for the potential showdown in the ring in 2020, except for a hitch on Brown’s end.

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Instagram: Antonio BrownAB seems to have rejected Paul’s first fight offer, suggesting it was too low for his liking.

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“Antonio Brown needs this fight”

As soon as he was called out on Twitter, Paul has gone on the offensive – first, the YouTuber turned boxer suggested he’d “drop [AB] faster than the Patriots,” before adding he believes his potential ring-rival “needs this fight now more than ever.”

“In many ways, the KSI fight gave me a purpose,” Paul said, and suggested a similar path to redemption could be on the cards for AB. “I think this would do this for Antonio Brown… give him a nice payday, give him a chance to redeem himself.”

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Logan’s latest barb comes after news Brown threw “a bag of d**ks” at police offers following an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss. The phallic objects were lollies, Brown later revealed, but the move has still landed him in hot water.

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Paul also confirmed the first official offer for the potential six-round throwdown had been sent to the former Steelers star on January 13, and directed a commanding tweet towards Brown with another message: “Make it happen.”

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AB wants to see the big money

Unfortunately for all those who want to see the divisive YouTube star and the disgraced NFL wide receiver duke it out in the ring as soon as possible, Brown seemed less than impressed with what Paul’s team had put together.

According to the former Steelers star, the fight offer was far lower than what he was initially expecting. Not only was he not interested in signing the papers, Brown took the opportunity to take another jab at his potential opponent.

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“#s [sic] low,” he posted on Instagram alongside an image of Logan Paul’s January 13 tweet, just hours after his potential YouTube rival had first confirmed a deal had even been put to paper and sent to AB. “Call back when your business boomin’.”

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The show is still – probably – on the road

After Brown’s rapid-fire response regarding the official deal, it looks like the ball is back in Paul’s court, and the fight may be on ice if an arrangement suited to both parties can’t be struck while the feud is hot.

Despite the snag in contract negotiations, however, Logan Paul admits he’s “extremely optimistic” the high-profile bout will go ahead.

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He’s so optimistic, he even revealed on the latest episode of his Impaulsive podcast that he believes it will be the “biggest fight of 2020,” even over-shadowing the return of MMA legend Conor McGregor and the impending Fury–Wilder duel.

“He may be pushed out, but people know who [Brown] is, and people want to see him win, or get beat up… just like me, that’s why fights work, that’s why there’s interest in the bouts,” the YouTuber said during Episode 149 of his podcast.

Instagram: KSILogan Paul is looking to put his defeat at the hands of KSI in the past with six rounds against former NFL star Antonio Brown.

Logan isn’t the only Paul with a fight on the horizon right now either – younger brother Jake is squaring up to battle AnEsonGib on January 30, though it seems both fighters already have their eyes locked on other potential challenges.

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For now, that impending battle may have to whet the appetite, as LP and AB iron out the nitty-gritty details in what can only be assumed will be a big-money contract to get both American fighters into the ring sometime this year.