Anti-Dream movement goes viral as Minecraft fans plot to get his YouTube deleted

. 9 months ago
Dream hits back at catfishing accusations
Instagram: @dreamwastaken

YouTube star Minecraft personality Dream is at the center of a bizarre new trend, which all began after he made a joke about “rigging” a Minecraft Live vote went viral.

Dream’s popularity on YouTube and social media has skyrocketed in 2021. He is reaching a larger audience than ever, hitting over 26 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making it one of the most viewed pages on the entire website.

Although his fandom is as strong as ever, it has lead to a backlash of Minecraft fans who have been inundated with content from Dream.

Dream poses for an Instagram picture
Instagram: dreamwastaken
Dream has quickly become one of the biggest YouTubers on the entire site.

Dream fan backlash

Minecraft’s official Twitter page announced The Mob Vote for the Minecraft Live 2021 event. The Mob Vote is an annual event where the community votes on a new mob to be added to Minecraft.

After the announcement, Dream replied to the tweet and said, “I’m going to rig it.”

Some fans took exception to his tweet, trying to get the hashtag “DreamShutTheF**kUp” trending on Twitter.

While the hashtag was viral, an image began spreading further detailing exactly what the anti-Dream movement wanted.

The image said, “On October 16, we shall mass report Dream’s YouTube channel and his other social media to get rid of him and make the Dream stans cry about it on Twitter.”

This image (and various other versions of it too) has been shared countless times all over Twitter.

As for why they are taking such drastic measures against Dream, they said: “He’s an effortless Minecraft YouTuber and speedrun cheater that beat the popularity of many better creators just because of his very young and impressionable audience!”

Dream’s tweet about the Mob Vote caused a stir, leading to a bigger backlash than he could’ve imagined.

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