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Anthony Reeves denies racism allegations after screenshots spread

Published: 25/Jun/2020 15:48

by Alice Hearing


Popular TikTokker Anthony “luvanthony” Reeves has responded to allegations of racist comments according to screenshots spreading on Instagram and Twitter.

Anthony Reeves became a member of TikTok’s Sway house in late 2019 and began dating Avani Gregg, a member of the Hype House, in March. Reeves has 9 million followers on TikTok where he posts lip sync videos and duets, and 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

In a selection of screenshots posted on TikTok room, Anthony appears to defend using a derogatory term for black people several times. One comment says: “Last time I checked white people can say ***** too.” Another comment reads: “If colored people can say it I can too.”


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Anthony’s fans were disappointed in the TikTok star. Sumeya Mahad wrote: “he was our only unproblematic king :/”, and @rebelhall wrote: “WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.”

Since the screenshots were posted, Anthony has spoken out on Twitter, saying that the comments are not real.

He wrote: “I’m going to address the Screenshots going around. These are fake. No, I didn’t say the N-word and I never would. I was raised to love and care for everyone no matter the skin color.

“I would never say anything to hurt anyone or to affect anyone in any way. especially a word with such an awful history and meaning behind it. I respect everyone no matter their skin color and would never say anything to offend anyone.


“I’m really sorry if this did offend anyone in any way and I’d never want to do that. I love each and every one of you dearly and would never try to say anything to hurt someone or you.”

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Since Anthony posted his statement, Twitter users and TikTok room have posted screen recordings of Anthony appearing to use the derogatory term on Instagram in 2017, when Anthony would have been 16 years old.

Another member of the Sway house, Bryce Hall, recently apologized after he faced backlash over an “insensitive” tweet  about “straight TikTok.”

Anthony is yet to address the new screen recordings that have surfaced.