Another streamer allegedly banned for sharing Twitch leak information

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A Twitch streaming duo called ‘TheSerfs’ have been banned from Twitch after one of the creators allegedly shared personal information from a recent platform data leak.

The Amazon-owned streaming site recently suffered from a massive security breach, revealing the revenue of thousands of creators as well as a ‘do not ban‘ list and even a ‘strike guide.

Multiple Twitch streamers have been speaking out about the revenue leak, with Ludwig explaining why the numbers being public is a good thing. Meanwhile, others like Hasan and xQc addressed people who were up in arms for how much money streamers make.

‘Destiny’ talked about the leaked ‘do not ban’ list, which included multiple Twitch employee emails, and was subsequently banned for seven days. Another such ban seems to have occurred with Twitch creator ‘TheSerfs,’ who was allegedly banned from the platform for sharing personal information from the leak.

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TheSerfs have thousands of followers across all platforms.

Streamer allegedly banned over Twitch leak

Originally reported by StreamerBans on October 11, the suspension happened in the early morning but the creators did not make a statement on it until the afternoon.

“Got a 30-day suspension on Twitch – longest I’ve ever gotten,” they said in a Tweet. “Closest I can muster to an explanation was reporting on the Twitch leak and showing that tweet that had a handful of the top earner’s salaries on display. You know, from the leak from their lack of security?”

Having built up a community of tens of thousands of fans throughout two YouTube channels as well as Twitch and social media, TheSerfs have made a name for themselves through their political and industry commentary.

This would make them one of the first to be banned for sharing the leaked creator revenue. Though, that is yet to be confirmed by official Twitch sources.

It would be the second ban regarding the leak, however, as Destiny was allegedly sharing multiple employee emails right before his ban.

The creators said that they are trying to appeal the ban on their website stream, so we’ll have to wait and see if they come back to the platform before the end of their 30-day ban.

Update October 19 – TheSerfs have been unbanned, claiming that their second appeal was successful after they told Twitch “everyone was talking about the leaks.” This turned their 30-day ban into just seven days.