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Anonymous letter accuses H3H3’s Ethan Klein of fabricating conspiracy plot

Published: 23/Nov/2018 20:16 Updated: 23/Nov/2018 20:23

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Ethan Klein of comedy duo H3H3 has been accused of using “racial divisions” to fabricate a scenario against his critics, as alleged by an anonymous post on website

The letter, which surfaced on November 22 through Twitter user Dispatch, is written by an anonymous source, who claims that they once worked in public relations for H3H3 before having their contract ultimately terminated by the duo.

According to the letter, Ethan had approached the writer’s manager about an hour-long video created by YouTuber Gokanaru in late October, which threw heavy criticism against Klein for a number of issues.

The writer claimed that Klein had asked for a DMCA takedown of the video to protect his image, but “flew off the handle” when told that the video was protected under Fair Use laws.

Additionally, the writer alleged that Klein had also proposed a plan against his critics, which would have accused them of anti-semitism, making the criticism against him seem like an attack stemming from an “Alt-Right conspiracy from 4Chan.”

“After shouting at me and my boss, Ethan railroaded anything we said and encouraged us to implement a plan to make it look like all of his critics were attacking him from a purely anti-semitic angle,” the letter claimed.


The writer went on to state that Ethan had called them “hacks” and “losers” for objecting to his plan, and ultimately terminated their contract after apologizing and issuing a chargeback for their services.

No source has yet come forward to take ownership of the letter, and its credibility remains questionable; however, Klein himself admitted to several accusations thrown his way during an episode of his H3 Podcast on November 17.


Sykkuno announces streaming return with Valkyrae after moving to Vegas

Published: 17/Jan/2021 3:12 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 3:13

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Sykkuno has been busy moving to Las Vegas, but his return to streaming is imminent. He’s set to return on January 17 alongside some big names including Valkyrae.

Sykkuno announced he was moving to Las Vegas after dropping hints for quite some time. He started moving on January 15, and naturally, it meant he wouldn’t be streaming until the move was complete.

Fortunately, it seems like he’s all settled in and almost ready to go. He hasn’t posted anything about it yet. However, he mentioned it to another streamer named Ray_C while playing Rust. Then, it was also later confirmed by Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter.

Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno’s popularity skyrocketed in the last few months of 2020.

Sykkuno crossed paths with Ray C on the OfflineTV Rust server. Initially, they were talking about the game and preparing for a potential team fight. Then, Ray_C wished him well with the move. “I hope your move goes well, man,” he said.

There was a bit over overlap at first. However, Sykkuno didn’t hesitate to respond once he had a chance. “It’s going pretty well,” he said. “I think I might be back online tomorrow or something.”

But it seems like it’s more than a mere possibility. Valkyrae announced that she’d be streaming Raft with some other big-name streamers, including Sykkuno. It’s exciting news since his fans didn’t expect him to be back so soon.

“Raft with Jodi, Sykkuno, Toast, Abe, John, and Corpse [has] moved to tomorrow at 5 pm PST!” she wrote. “I’ll see ya then.” Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s one hundred percent locked in, but it’s about as official as it gets.

Sykkuno’s fans can’t wait to see him back in action. Even though he shot to fame in the last quarter of 2020, he’s already become an integral part of the streaming community.

It sounds a bit melodramatic, but his absence leaves a void, and it’ll be good to see him back where he belongs.

It’ll be interesting to see what he says about his move, and how well he’s managed to settle into his new home.