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Anomaly overtakes Summit1g as fastest growing Twitch streamer

Published: 9/May/2020 18:21

by Daniel Cleary


Popular CS:GO YouTuber ‘Anomaly’ has overtaken Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar as the fastest-growing individual streamer on Amazon’s broadcasting platform amid the Valorant hype.

Anomaly has built a massive following, mainly on YouTube, for his CS:GO videos, but when Riot announced they would be releasing an FPS title of their own, he was among the first to try his hand at Valorant’s closed beta. 

The Swedish star was overwhelmed with support for his first few streams following its release, even overtaking some of the longest-standing streamers on Twitch in terms of viewer count.

Riot Games
Valorant has been one of the most popular games on Twitch since its beta release.

Valorant’s closed beta is already showing signs of massive potential, similar to the early days of Fortnite, which boosted the number of casual viewers that had started to express interest in the game.

Riot also chose to partner with Twitch for the occasion, as access to the beta was given out exclusively to those who were watching Valorant streams on the site, which had a massive part to play in channel growth for stars like Anomaly.

Anomaly would often be among the top Valorant streamers while he was live, and has since overtaken summit1g as the platform’s fastest-growing individual content creator with over 1.25 million followers in just 30 days, according to TwitchMetrics.
Fastest Growing streamers on Twitch, as of May 9. Man City star Sergio Aguero isn’t far behind Summit1g.

The achievement is highly impressive, particularly with the amount of sports stars that have joined Twitch in recent weeks and would also have been experiencing a lot of sudden growth, as seen with world-class footballer Sergio Aguero who ranked in 4th.

However, summit1g has not been happy with how Anomaly has achieved his recent success, claiming in a recent stream that he had resorted to “scummy” tactics to see this level of growth.

The criticism started after certain streamers on Valorant played recordings of their Vods from previous days on their channel while they were sleeping or taking a break, to stay on top of the category on Twitch and maintain the massive viewership numbers.

While Anomaly was mentioned by summit1g, there supposedly many more streamers on the platform who take advantage of this tactic, which has sparked community backlash and controversy.


HAchubby tears up after receiving huge birthday surprise from fans

Published: 30/Nov/2020 17:08

by Alice Hearing


Korean streamer HAchubby was shocked after she got a huge surprise on her birthday from her dedicated fans.

HAchubby shares her content to a multinational fanbase of over 200,000 on Twitch. She is most often found streaming IRL, collaborating with other streamers, as well as sometimes showcasing her piano skills.

She has several super loyal fans who make frequent appearances online whenever she streams. Just last month she met a Twitch fan in one of her IRL streams, only for him to reveal himself as her “number one VIP” and a known member of her community.

In another stream, a fan ‘stream sniped’ her. He approached her to give her a pizza box as a gift, and to HAchubby’s surprise the box contained a printed out image of the iconic Twitch “Jebaited” emote.

HAchubby twitch streamer
Instagram: HAchubbytv
HAchubby has dedicated fans that often approach her IRL

While she is used to interactions from her dedicated fans IRL, the last thing the streamer expected was for them all to come together to thank her for her content on her birthday.

On Sunday, November 29 HAchubby’s stream was hijacked by her viewers who sent her a video, with a pink background perfectly matching her hair color, wishing her a “Happy Birthday from all of chat.” The voiceover in the video said, “on this momentous occasion we bring you the event of a lifetime for the worldwide Twitch sensation HAchubby. Get your PepeDs ready!”

The rest of the video featured an emotional montage of some of HAchubby’s best moments and featured a clip of her introducing herself. The video also showed an adorable animation showcasing the impact that the streamer has had on a global scale.

HAchubby was confused at first, only managing to say an emotional “what?” in response, but as the video continued she looked tearful while viewers spammed the chat with birthday wishes.

As the streamer continues to make her multinational fanbase smile on a daily basis, it’s heartwarming to know that they can make her smile too.