Anna Campbell apologizes for assaulting ex-partner, but denies rape claims

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Anna Campbell Apology
YouTube: Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell apologized for assaulting her ex-partner Kaylee Jade but denies claims that she raped Taylor Lynn, insisting that she won’t speak about it again unless “it’s in court”.

Anna posted a one-hour-long video on YouTube titled ‘Addressing Everything’ where she discussed everything from allegedly raping one ex-partner, to physically assaulting another.

She opened up by denying the rape allegations leveled against her by Taylor Lynn.

“I know I didn’t rape Taylor, and no amount of petition signers or articles or YouTube videos are going to make me re-think that. And that is the last time I am ever going to speak on that until it is in a court setting.”

“If she or anybody else wants to have any conversation about that, take me to court. The cops were already involved. Taylor had the opportunity to go to the courthouse. The cops told her that. The cops told me and her the same thing. If either one of us wants to press charges, we can.”

She did admit that she “owed” Taylor apologies for many other things, such as contributing to her drug use. However, she doesn’t hold herself accountable for “all” of it because she claimed Taylor would often do them with or without her.

Anna Campbell physical sexual assault allegations
YouTube: Anna Campbell
Anna Campbell has been accused of everything from sexual and physical assault to emotional abuse.

Anna also apologized to Kaylee Jade for physically assaulting her.

“The sh*t that went down between Kaylee and I is inexcusable,” she said. “I don’t care what kind of drugs I was on. I don’t care what kind of episode I was in. I don’t care what mental illness was acting up.”

“I really see how toxic of a person I am… and how I ruin everybody around me because of my own selfish patterns and habits… When I get to a point, I completely lose it. I completely just lose touch with reality.”

Anna revealed they had a “huge fight” while she was on an “extreme amount” of drugs. “I turned and grabbed her and flipped her over onto the ground… and it was really f**king scary…. it turned me into a monster,” she said. “I’m so sorry to Kaylee. It was very physical, and it was very scary.”

It wasn’t the only time where things got physical between them. However, Anna claimed the other times mostly consisted of “grabbing” and getting in each other’s faces and that the bruises on Kaylee’s neck were ‘hickies.’

Anna’s first girlfriend, Natalia Taylor, commented on the video.

She told Anna to stop using her YouTube channel as a personal diary and urged her to get off the internet and seek help to deal with her mental health issues instead.

The victims, like Taylor and Kaylee, have rejected the YouTuber’s apology. Taylor has set up a legal fund so she can “finally have justice against my rapist and abuser.

“All [of] Anna Campbell’s victims deserve justice.”