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TikTok’s Animation effect goes viral as users bring loved ones back from the dead

Published: 9/Jul/2021 13:51

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


TikTok’s Animation effect has gone viral in the most emotional way. Almost 90,000 users have filmed themselves using the effect on posters, artwork and still photos. Some have even used them to re-animate images of loved ones who have passed away.

The tag “PhotoAnimation” has amassed over 11-million views on TikTok. A number of these videos make use of the animation effect, which has gained traction this week (July 5). TikTokers are using the effect to remember relatives who have passed away. From girlfriends to grandmas; these videos are guaranteed to get you in your feelings.

The effect works by detecting a face; whether that’s a still photo, drawing or reflection. It then triggers a series of facial expressions and head movements. Several TikToks have shown still images moving their head from side to side, eyes looking around and lips smiling.


Dynamic Photo viral TikTok TikTok user @vanessaimseeh used the filter to reanimate her lost relative

User @charaf_elldine provides the original sound; an echoing, slow-paced song adding to the atmosphere of the effect.

“My dad never saw my 2nd birthday,” one TikTok user said. “This filter made me smile.” The effect is then applied to an old photo of her dad, who smiles and winks at her.

@sayitsuzieSome filters are just beautiful 💙 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #suicicideawarnes #dynamicfilter♬ original sound – ℂ𝕙/🥀

“I have no video of my wife,” said 87-year old TikToker “Grandad” Joe while using the effect on a black-and-white photo. “This nearly broke me.”

@grandadjoe1933This nearly broke me 😓 #dynamicphoto #love♬ Dumb Love – Mimi Webb

A similar effect went viral back in March 2021. The ‘deep nostalgia’ effect from external site MyHeritage also re-animated still photos, and were used to bring new life to lost loved ones.


How do I use the Animation effect?

The effect can be found on its own TikTok page, and automatically comes with the sound. User @charaf_elldine’s sounds can be found on their profile.