AnEsonGib sends warning to Jarvis ahead of Kingpyn boxing clash

AnEsonGib shirtless next to boxing ringAnEsonGib

YouTuber AnEsonGib has sent a clear warning to his opponent Jarvis ahead of their Kingpyn boxing clash in June.

The first round of Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ boxing tournament is done and dusted, where we saw eight male and eight female fighters go blow for blow in the ‘biggest influencer boxing tournament’ the world has ever seen.

The first of three events sparked the return of certain rivalries, where AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom touched gloves for the second time — where ultimately Gib took his second win against the American YouTuber by TKO.

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Up next, Gib will be stepping into the ring with Jarvis for the semi-final round, and he’s sent a clear warning to his opponent before their clash.

AnEsonGib warns Jarvis ahead of Kingpyn boxing fight

In a tweet on April 27, seven-figure Gibber posted a minute-long video, warning Jarvis of whats to come when they step in the ring on June 3.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, it is WBC medal holder AnEsonGib here, aka seven-figure gibber,” the video opened. “It’s been a few days since my fight, the funds have reached my account and with my newfound fortune, I’ve decided to make an investment. Some could say it’s a multi-million dollar investment.”

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The YouTuber then pulled out a case, containing a chin collection of his “past victims” that he’s KO’d in the ring. Gib explained that there was a spot open for the “McBroom double” although he revealed that spot is now for his next opponent Jarvis

“This slot right here is for FaZe Jarvis,” he said. “June 3, I’m collecting his chin, and I’m doing it for the kids.”

The two are set to step in the ring at the 3Arena in Dublin on June 3, giving both fighters plenty of time to gear up for their next bout. Although, it seems Jarvis is already ready for the challenge if his reply to the callout is anything to go off of: “I’m coming for you Gibber

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