AnEsonGib calls out Alex Wassabi for boxing fight following win over Deji

AnEsonGib next to Alex WassabiInstagram: anesongib / alexwassabi

YouTuber AnEsonGib appears to have challenged Alex Wassabi to a fight after he beat Deji in the March 5 UK vs USA boxing match.

The March 5 fight between Deji and Alex Wassabi was a hugely anticipated one, and social media was dominated by posts about the event, both before and after. Wassabi managed to take the win over Deji by split decision, with the fight even being interrupted at one point by a spectator who jumped into the ring during the second round.

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Not long after, Wassabi received yet another fight challenge, this time from YouTuber AnEsonGib. Gib has tried his hand at boxing in the past, and in 2021 fought Tayler Holder as part of the Battle of the Platforms event. Their bout was initially declared a draw, but this decision was later overturned in Gib’s favor.

In an interview with iFL TV following the fight, Gib was asked whether he wanted to fight again, to which he responded: “I would love to fight, I was meant to fight here! I was meant to fight here.” He went on to say that he’s “waiting for the right opponent.”

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When the interviewer suggested that Gib challenge Wassabi, the YouTuber responded: “I don’t think he wants to. You think Wassabi would wanna fight me?” but then added, “that’s a good shout, I’m gonna call him out now.”

Shortly after the winner was announced, Gib wrote on Twitter: “Let me wig wassabi.”

However, not everyone was convinced that he could win, with one commenter writing, “Wassabi would drop you.”

YouTuber Slim Albaher also replied: “You can’t call yourself a fighter if you really calling out Wassabi.”

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It’s not clear how serious Gib is about fighting him, so whether it eventually turns into a real match remains to be seen, but some fans seem interested in seeing him back in the ring.

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