Andrew Tate slams KSI & Logan Paul for selling “scam” PRIME drink

Andrew Tate hits out at KSI and Logan Paul for selling scam Prime Hydration drinkYouTube: Samuel Leeds / Instagram: drinkprime

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate has lashed out at YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, accusing them of selling “scams” to their fans, seemingly alluding to PRIME Hydration.

KSI and Logan Paul have transcended their status as YouTubers to become some of the internet’s most prominent social media stars.

Both men are credited with pioneering the current influencer-boxing craze, with KSI also starting a successful rap career and Logan Paul scoring an ongoing stint in the WWE.

Most notably, the two ended their infamous rivalry to create their very own brand of sports hydration drink called PRIME Hydration, which they officially unveiled earlier this year.

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KSI and Logan Paul holding PRIME Hydration in front of Target screenshot.Twitter: @PrimeHydrate

Although PRIME has seen immense popularity from fans and overall positive reviews, Andrew Tate isn’t a fan of the influencers’ latest business venture — something he made sure to bring up in a recent interview.

Andrew Tate slams Logan Paul & KSI’s PRIME Hydration drink

Tate continues to make appearances on podcasts online in spite of his ban from most social media platforms. During his latest interview, he seemed to take shots at KSI and Logan Paul, appearing to accuse them and other influencers of selling “scams” to their audiences.

“I never sold my soul,” Tate began. “I’m not like Logan Paul and these f**kers who sell an energy drink full of sugar and crypto pump-and-dump scams and NFT scams. All of these other influencers sell scams, or they sell gambling to kids on their Twitch screens. I don’t do none of that. I don’t do anything.”

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(Topic begins at 1:08:46)

It could be argued that Tate is also throwing shade at a few prominent Twitch streamers for gambling — a debate that rocked the platform earlier this year until the platform placed restrictions on the practice after concerns were raised.

Tate isn’t the first personality to criticize PRIME Hydration, either; just last week, YouTuber ‘More Plates, More Dates’ called out the beverage brand for being a more casual drink rather than a “performance-based athlete-focused electrolyte blend” as it had apparently marketed itself.