Andrew Tate sends message to fans saying not guilty of “heinous” crimes

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Andrew Tate has doubled down on claiming his innocence in a message to fans on Twitter, stating that he’s not guilty of “heinous” crimes.

Back in December 2022, Andrew Tate and three others were arrested following a police raid at their home in Bucharest on charges of human trafficking, sexual assault, and more.

His infamous Bugatti as well as the rest of his assets were seized by police and Andrew has been in custody.

In his latest message to fans on Twitter, Tate said that he’s not guilty of the “heinous” crimes that he’s being charged with.

Andrew Tate sends message to fans, claims innocence

On February 8, 2023, Andrew Tate posted a message to his fans on Twitter and claimed that he is not guilty of “heinous” crimes.

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“If you want to damage a man who has done nothing wrong, Slander a man with accusations of heinous crimes.

“Damage his reputation before he can prove himself innocent,” he said.

This is just the latest message from Tate claiming that he’s innocent. Back in January, Andrew laid claim that there is “no evidence” of the allegations made against him — calling those who believe the charges “genuinely a moron.”

Just over a week later, Andrew made his first public appearance since being detained and claimed there is no evidence against him yet again.

“The case file is completely empty. Of course, it’s unjust, there is no justice in Romania unfortunately,” he said.

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The two have remained in Romanian custody since their arrest in December, with their current release date set for February 27, 2023.