Andrew Tate says he would “destroy” Jake Paul in a fight

Andrew Tate / Jake Paul Instagram

British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate is convinced of who would win between him and Jake Paul, as audience anticipation grows of a possible bout with the two fighters.

Combat sports has been going through a metamorphosis when it comes to how big events come together. People like Jake Paul have disrupted the scene to where big callouts among celebrities and athletes can actually turn into an event not long after.

With The Problem Child nearing his sixth bout on Aug 9 against Hasim Rahman Jr., there’s plenty of names that have been trying to get Paul’s attention for a date in the squared circle.

For quite some time, Tate has publicly called out Paul to start the process of making an event go down but there hasn’t really been traction on that front.

Andrew Tate is confident he’ll “destroy” Jake Paul should they step into a ring.

But that may change now that the two are seemingly trading jabs on social media, following in the usual courting tactics that come before one of these YouTube boxing bouts.

On the latest episode of Tate’s Emergency Meeting, Andrew gave Paul his props as someone committing to combat sports but quickly dismissed any challenge that he might present: “If me and Jake Paul fight, I would destroy him.”

Tate didn’t mince words with how he thinks a fight would go down. As Paul prepares for Rahman Jr., it seems like the two are moving into each other’s crosshairs with every passing day.

Just a few days ago, Paul acknowledged Tate’s insults with a TikTok dedicated to ‘Top G,’ which some believe could be the start of the two engaging in deeper discussions for a fight.

It’s up in the air with Paul’s fight with Tommy Fury still in limbo and with many more opponents already lining up to take on the American.

Still a Paul v Tate would certainly attract massive viewership with the two big personalities settling their differences in the ring.