Andrew Tate makes admission to Piers Morgan in grilling TV interview

piers morgan and andrew tatePiers Morgan, YouTube

Andrew Tate has admitted he would do things differently in an interview with Piers Morgan, after being banned on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The former kickboxer has been deplatformed by the major streaming and content-sharing companies, following a number of comments about women that were considered to flout “hateful content” rules.

He was first banned on Twitter in 2017, after suggesting victims of sexual assault should bear some responsibility for the heinous acts that happened to them.

In 2022, Tate became a viral phenomenon on TikTok and YouTube Shorts, racking up millions of views with his controversial takes on women.

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Before his blanket ban, he said on Twitch: “One of the best things about being a man is being territorial and being able to say ‘that is mine’,” a comment that was called out by one of the streaming site’s biggest creators, xQc.

Piers Morgan grills Andrew Tate in Uncensored interview

Tate’s previous comments were widely condemned as misogynistic – a point that journalist Piers Morgan put to the canceled influencer on his Sky Australia show, Uncensored.

After Morgan read out previous remarks Andrew made about 18 to 19-year-old women being more attractive than 25-year-olds because they had “been through less d*ck,”, the news anchor said he was “encouraging a mindset about 25-year-old women that makes them sound out to be infinitely less desirable.”

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Tate replied: “That’s not misogyny because it is not anti-women. I’m saying an 18 or 19-year-old women would be more desirable.” He said, though, it is more ageist – in his view.

The segment starts at 2:45 below.

“I’m sorry if it offends you,” he continued. After being prompted for an apology, Tate added: “I recognize and understand that with massive fame, you have to be more careful about being misconstrued… With power comes great responsibility.”

He says he doesn’t want to be a negative force in the world and admits “I would say them differently perhaps [now].”

In the YouTube comments, Piers asked his viewers: “Does Andrew Tate deserve to be deplatformed?” The comment has over 1,000 likes at the time of writing, though most comments were in support of the interviewee.

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