Andrew Schulz thinks Jidion & Ninja are “jealous” of Pokimane’s success

Andrew Schulz NinjaYouTube: Andrew Schulz/Twitch: Ninja

While talking about Pokimane’s recent “hate raid” drama with Jidion and Ninja during the Flagrant 2 podcast, host Andrew Schulz revealed that he thinks the creators are jealous of Poki’s success on the internet. 

On January 12, 2022, Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was forced to end her stream early after Jidion sent his community to “hate raid” her channel. He was initially banned for 14 days, but Twitch decided to make it permanent.

The creator revealed during her January 17 stream that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins had joined in on the conversations, allegedly offering to help the banned creator get his account back. While talking about it on stream, Poki revealed that Ninja and his wife had threatened to sue her for “defamation.”

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Andrew Schulz revealed his thoughts about the situation during his podcast, claiming that Jidion & Ninja are jealous of the female streamer’s success on the internet.

Andrew Schulz thinks Jidion & Ninja are jealous

On the January 21 episode of the Flagrant 2 Podcast, Andrew Schulz and his co-hosts dove into the “hate raid” drama surrounding the OfflineTV co-founder.

As they continued to talk about the topic, the podcast host came to an agreement that they may not like Pokimane because they believe she’s playing a “character” to get people to like her more.

Schulz revealed his opinion, saying, “Stop hating on her. If she wasn’t popping and wasn’t the number one most streamed person or whatever she is, I’m sure you wouldn’t be worried about her tactics.

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“[Jidion and Ninja] are gonna hate her because she has that number one spot and they want it.”

Schulz continued: “There might be some jealousy going on. Ninja had his time in the sun, but he’s no longer there… maybe he’s a little jealous, too.”

Andrew also explained that Tyler may have inserted himself into the drama between Jidion and Pokimane in an attempt to maintain a public eye on his channel.

Blevins has yet to make a statement regarding his involvement in the issues between the two creators, but we’ll be sure to update when he does.

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