Andrew Schulz slams Noah Schnapp for leaking Doja Cat DMs

Andrew Schulz flagrant noah schnapp doja cat dmsYouTube: Flagrant

Andrew Schulz has revealed his thoughts on why Noah Schapp shouldn’t have leaked Doja Cat’s DM’s where she asked for Joseph Quinn’s number.

It’s no secret that Stranger Things has taken over social media recently.

Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn) is one of the newest additions to the cast, and apparently, Doja Cat has an interest in the actor as she reached out to Noah Schnapp (Will Byers in the show) to get Quinn to “hit her up.”

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Noah promptly leaked the direct messages, causing a stir between him and Doja Cat. And now, Andrew Schulz has chimed in with his thoughts on the situation

Andrew Schulz slams Noah Schnapp

Starting off the conversation, Flagrant co-host Akaash Singh explained that he thinks Doja Cat messaging Noah to get in contact with Joseph Quinn was “embarrassing” and Andrew Schulz agreed.

“Call your agent, your agent is gonna be able to connect to him,” Andrew explained.

However, Doja Cat wasn’t the only one Schulz was critical of as he slammed Schnapp for leaking the messages in the first place.

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“You should never leak DMs. never leak private shit. I don’t care if it’s nudes or a private conversation, you don’t know what somebody’s more embarrassed about,” he explained. “We put all this value on nudes but some people might be way more comfortable with their nudes being out there than a private conversation.”

(Topic starts at 46:12 in the video)

During the conversation, Akaash argued that Noah Schnapp is only 17 years old and “didn’t know any better,” but some may argue that he is old enough to know whether or not he should have leaked the DMs considering he’s one of the main stars of Netflix’s most popular series.

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Either way, the possible damage is already done and Doja Cat isn’t happy about it.