Andrew Schulz shares theory on why “lost” Will Smith hit Chris Rock

Comedian Andrew Schulz next to Will Smith Oscar Speech screenshot.YouTube: Flagrant 2 Clips / The Telegraph

Comedian Andrew Schulz claims that Will Smith didn’t slap Chris Rock at the Oscars because of a joke. The comedian shared his theory on why the Hollywood actor hit the Academy Award presenter on live TV.

Nearly a week after the 94th Academy Awards, the entertainment industry is still reeling from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the middle of the annual awards show.

While Andrew Schulz condemned the Hollywood star following the incident, the Flagrant 2 podcast host now has a theory as to why Will Smith lost it during the televised event.

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Andrew Schulz explains why Will Smith hit Chris Rock

During the March Flagrant 2 podcast, the comedian reacted to Jim Carrey calling Hollywood “spineless” for giving Will Smith a standing ovation following him storming the stage moments earlier. After agreeing with Carrey, Andrew Schulz went deeper and gave his take on why Smith hit Chris Rock.

“I don’t think Will Smith knows who he is anymore,” he said. “I think he wraps himself around his success and when the success started to fizzle a little bit, he lost his identity. And now he’s searching for it, and I think he’s searching for it furiously and he just can’t find it. He just doesn’t know who he is.”

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The podcast comedian then said his Oscars outburst was tied to his relationship to Jada Pinkett Smith. “I can’t back this up. But I imagine Jada’s approval is very hard for Will Smith to get,” he said. “And that keeps him in this relationship. And it’s almost competitive like he’s fighting to get approval of this woman, who won’t really give it to him. There was that whole Tupac thing where she said he was the one I was supposed to marry.”

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Schulz went on to claim that despite Smith being one of the most successful Hollywood actors of all time, he thinks he never feels successful due to his constant struggle to try to get approval from others.

“As silly as it sounds, this superstar really has to care about validation. In his mind, he’s like, I like Jada. She doesn’t like me, I have to do anything to make her happy. He did anything to get her approval. And that’s his fault,” he said.

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Andrew Schulz also argued that Will Smith didn’t actually find Chris Rock’s joke offensive as he was seen laughing during the Oscar broadcast. According to the podcast host, he only decided to hit the presenter after seeing that his wife was angry over the situation.

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