Andrew Schulz reacts to Chrissy Teigen getting canceled: “Your righteousness made others feel bad”

Andrew Schulz next to Chrissy TiegenYouTube: Flagrant 2 Clips / Vogue

Comedian Andrew Schulz claims Chrissy Teigen was a victim of her own “wokeness” during a May episode of the Flagrant 2 podcast. The Instagram entertainer argued that the popular model was canceled due to being a ‘hypocrite.’

Stand-up comic Andrew Schulz reacted to Chrissy Teigen being canceled online after the influencer became embroiled in a controversy over old social media posts resurfacing.

The popular Instagram comedian explained on his podcast that people wanted the model to have a downfall after she spent years being “righteous” towards others on Twitter.

Andrew Schulz discusses Chrissy Tiegen on Flagrant 2 podcastYouTube
Schulz opened up about Chrissy Teigen getting canceled during the Flagrant 2 podcast.

Andrew Schulz says Chrissy Teigen was a victim of her own “virtue signaling”

In May 2021, influencer Chrissy Teigen became embroiled in controversy after old tweets of her bullying reality star Courtney Stodden resurfaced online. Andrew Schulz addressed the situation during an episode of his Flagrant 2 podcast, where he was critical of her for telling a 16-year-old to “kill herself”.

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“Chrissy is DMing her ‘kill herself’ because she doesn’t like the fact that she is a gold digger, and making money off her body. But for her to come out and just kind of s**t all over this girl in that way is crazy, because she is so woke and progressive on Twitter,” the comedian said.

Schulz then argued that the reason people were being so harsh to her was her behavior on social media: “And that is why people are jumping down her throat. Because they are like, “Yo, you can’t be out here [and] say that [and then] you are out here bullying this girl. Now if she wasn’t so virtuous on Twitter, I don’t think anyone gives a f**k.”

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(Topic starts at 1:43)

The Flagrant 2 host ended his rant by claiming that people became invested in her failing due to her righteousness. “Once you are virtuous on Twitter and you draw a line in the sand. That’s the thing with righteousness, your righteousness sometimes makes others feel like s**t. And if you make me feel like s**t, I can’t wait for your downfall.”

Despite the criticism, Andrew Schulz and his co-hosts agreed that Chrissy Teigan receives too much hate. However, the Instagram star said he found it “wild” that anyone would message a 16-year-old and tell them to harm themselves.

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