Andrew Schulz doesn’t believe Addison Rae is an “A-List” celebrity

Addison Rae Instagram photo with Andrew Sculz stand-upInstagram: Addison Rae/ YouTube: Andrew Schulz

Addison Rae may be one of the biggest TikTok stars in the globe, but stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz claims that still isn’t enough to make her an “A-List” celebrity.

Hugely popular internet star Addison Rae exploded onto the influencer scene following her TikTok success.

Since finding fame on the platform with her 88.5 million followers, she’s produced her own songs, launched her own doll range, and even attended 2022’s Met Gala.

Although, even a ticket to one of the world’s biggest fashion events of the year isn’t enough to secure Rae’s spot as an A-Lister, according to Andrew Schulz.

Andrew Schulz claims Addison Rae isn’t an A-Lister

Schulz was speaking on the BBFs’ YouTube channel with hosts Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards & Bri Chickenfry.

When asked by Portnoy about “what level of celebrity” he would classify Rae, Schulz responded: “I don’t know that’s weird […] for me, I couldn’t care less. But, that’s just because what she’s become famous for I don’t value.”

(Topic begins at 28:05 in the video)

Portnoy and his fellow podcasters claimed Schulz’s claims were “ridiculous” and highlighted how Rae attended the Met Gala in 2022.

“Who goes to the Met Gala,” Schulz replied. “The kids don’t give a f**k about the Met Gala. Dude, if you go to the Met Gala, then you’re a loser.”

However, Schulz was quick to emphasize all the work that Rae has done on TikTok and how he recognizes she is “incredibly famous.” Just not enough for his “bubble.”