Andrew Schulz claims Apple “got greedy” asking for 30% cut from App Store amid Epic Games lawsuit

Dylan Horetski
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Co-host of the Flagrant 2 podcast, Andrew Schulz, recently stated that Apple is “too greedy” in regards to the 30 percent revenue cut they take from developers who use in-app purchases.

Just days ago, the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple continued after the company filed an appeal in a bid to win more rights for developers. The judge had ruled in favor of Apple, which was being sued by the Fortnite creator after they removed the game due to an extra payment option that allowed the developers to avoid paying the 30% revenue cut that Apple takes.

When the topic was brought up during a podcast recording, Andrew Schulz had his own thoughts regarding the lawsuit between the two companies.

Andrew Schulz gives his opinion

In a clip from the September 14 video upload of the Flagrant 2 podcast, the hosts brought up the ongoing Epic Games lawsuit against Apple, and together they shared some opinions on the whole situation.

“I understand Apple,” Schulz began, explaining how the company has made the App Store convenient for developers to sell their app on. When another off-camera host mentioned that they thought 30% cut was too high of a number, Andrew agreed: “They got greedy.”

(Check out his comments at 3:38)

Schulz continued to provide his thoughts with a hypothetical situation regarding a change in revenue cuts: “I don’t think any of them would balk at 10 percent.”

All the hosts agreed that they think, if Apple were to lower their in-app revenue cut to 10 percent, fewer developers would try to move in-app purchases outside of the built-in app store. Maybe with the recent appeal from Epic Games, we will see Apple make a similar change.