Andrew Schulz believes Floyd Mayweather will hurt his reputation by not paying Logan Paul

andrew schulz floyd mayweatherYouTube: Flagrant 2/Floyd Mayweather

Flagrant 2 podcast host Andrew Schulz explained during a recent episode that he believes Floyd Mayweather may lead to him tarnishing his reputation if he continues to not pay fighters. 

Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather back in June 2021, with the fight lasting all eight rounds with no winner being declared.

On December 27, Logan uploaded a video to his Instagram stories calling out the legendary boxer for not paying him for the fight more than six months after the event took place.

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Now, Andrew Schulz has chimed in with his opinion about the situation, claiming that he believes Mayweather may tarnish his reputation if he continues to not pay fighters.

Logan Paul Floyd MayweatherInstagram: Logan Paul
The pair had their weigh-in on June 5.

Andrew Schulz chimes in on Mayweather not paying Logan Paul

During the January 4 episode of the Flagrant 2 podcast, Schulz and his co-host Akaash Singh began to talk about the Paul brothers. Before they got too far into it, however, Andrew gave his opinion about Mayweather not paying Logan.

Schulz went on to explain that he’s a huge fan of Floyd Mayweather, but he added: “It sucks to see people become the people they’ve always fought against or hated. Floyd left Bob Arum because he wasn’t giving him his money, and now he’s doing it. Its bulls**t man.”

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After some back and forth conversation with Akaash, Andrew mentioned that he hopes Mayweather isn’t “f**king over” his own fighters like Gervonta Davis. He added: “That would be the biggest stain on his legacy if at the end of the day he ended up f**king over his fighters.”

(Topic starts at 1:17:00 in the video)

Schulz also detailed a conversation that he had with Logan Paul, where Paul mentioned that he was going to have to sue Mayweather to get his payment from the June 6 fight.

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He ended his rant about Mayweather with a quote from Batman: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain.”

Floyd Mayweather has yet to respond to Paul’s accusations, and it’s unknown whether or not he will.