Andrea Botez weirded out by “creepy” guy who wouldn’t take a hint during IRL stream

andrea botezAndrea Botez

Andrea Botez, the star Twitch streamer known for her elite chess skills, was live at a bar in New York City after a day of streaming, when a man approached her repeatedly, creating a painfully awkward encounter.

Streaming on Twitch out in public can be a risky affair. Many streamers have had difficulties broadcasting themselves out and about, having to deal with the actions of others they can’t control.

Andrea Botez found herself in one such situation, as she dealt with a “creep” at a bar that wouldn’t leave her alone, despite her efforts.

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Alexandra and Andrea Botez Envy GamingEnvy Gaming
Alex and Andrea Botez have become stars on Twitch for their Chess skills and recently signed with Envy Gaming.

Andrea had been streaming chess all day in Manhattan when she headed to a restaurant to wind down, eat some food, and hang out with her chat.

She was eventually approached by a stranger who said that he knew her saying, “You’re Andrea Botez, I watch your stream actually.” He then asks her if he can sit with her, which she politely says that the open chair is reserved for her chat. When he asks if he can sit at the table next to her she says, “I’m kind of just focused on the chat, yeah, I’m just gonna stream.”

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As he walks away, Andrea smiles painfully and shakes her head at the camera as it’s clear she wasn’t interested in the company.

Unfortunately, the man didn’t get the hint, as he returns to Andrea’s table and she tells him, “I kind of just want to stream, I’m sorry. I just want to talk to my chat.”

He responds, “I feel like I have to do it.” She shoots him down more harshly one last time saying “No thank you. I’m really not interested.” After he finally leaves the restaurant, he shouts “I LOVE YOU!” and can be seen making a rude hand motion – knowing he’s on stream.

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Thankfully after the man left the restaurant he never returned. Later in the stream Andrea described him as “creepy”, adding that he wouldn’t take the hint to leave her alone as she obviously wasn’t interested.

The entire encounter was painfully awkward for Andrea – and she’s not the only streamer to encounter such issues when streaming IRL.

Another example of this is when Twitch streamer Jinny was streaming her walking through Milan and was struck with a drink by a group of teenage boys, or when she was approached by a man who wanted her to get in his car in a potential kidnapping attempt.

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