Andrea Botez shocks Maya with unplanned Mizkif trash talk at QTCinderella's Beyblade event - Dexerto

Andrea Botez shocks Maya with unplanned Mizkif trash talk at QTCinderella’s Beyblade event

Published: 6/Jun/2022 9:00 Updated: 6/Jun/2022 7:40

by Dave Deiley


QTCinderella’s Beyblade Tournament saw sparks fly both in and out of the arena, with Andrea Botez talking trash talk to a whole new level in her bout with Maya Higa.

Popular chess streamer and one half of the BotezLive team, Andrea Botez, may have been taking lessons from Dream in the smack-talk department after an unscripted moment in QTCinderella’s Beyblade tournament built buzz in the arena.

In a best-of-three bout against fellow streamer Maya Higa, Andrea pulled no punches when launching into her pre-game verbal smackdowns.

Maya Higa, popular conservationist streamer, went through a public breakup with Mizkif less than a year ago, serving as the fuel for the Botez fire.


alex and andrea botez
Andrea Botez is best known for streaming chess games with her sister, Alexandra Botez.

As they entered into the boxing ring the tournament took place in, the two squared up before Botez yelled: “Mizkif made you” directly into the face of her friend and fellow competitor.

Eliciting shock from the crowd of streamers assembled, QTCinderella on-camera duties let out a pained “nooooooo” at the comment.

Explaining the situation, Maya clarified: “Andrea and I off-camera were like ‘let’s make a bit, let’s go in there and talk sh*t'” with Botez clearly taking the idea and running with it.

Cutting back to the commentary box, Sajam and Slime talked over Maya’s reaction: “I think she’s emotionally damaged. That was very effective. I think she thought she’d be like ‘you stink’ when in fact she said “haha, your worst emotional experience in life.”


Taking the fight beyond the spinning tops, the two doubled down with an arm wrestle in the middle of their second-round bout, which Andrea won before losing the all-important Beyblade battle. Maya ended up placing in the Top 8 of the tournament.

QTCinderella’s tournament ended up being won overall by WillNeff, who took home a $2000 prize, a unique Beyblade trophy, and the all-time rights to name himself ‘Twitch’s best Beyblader.”