Amouranth trolls Twitch simps with shock “boyfriend” reveal

Amouranth reveals new boyfriendInstagram/Amouranth/Pixabay

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa shocked viewers by revealing her new “boyfriend” she met while in LA for The Streamer Awards and he’s actually quite the catch.

Amouranth is well-known for her controversial ASMR and hot tub streams, but she’s also become quite the troll over the years too, constantly poking fun at thirsty fans and haters alike.

The OF model and Twitch star’s status has afforded her plenty of business opportunities that have incorporated her trollish persona to a degree such as putting up suggestive billboards in LA and making a music video.

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Now, the streamer has taken her trolling to another level by teasing her fans with a special boyfriend reveal during a March 18 broadcast.

Amouranth reveals her new “boyfriend”

Before beginning her stream, Siragusa took to Twitter to announce that she would be introducing her boyfriend she met in LA.

To the surprise of many, the “boyfriend” actually ended up being a mannequin with a “hello my name is” sign on his chest.

After showing off the mannequin, Amouranth popped into view to demand viewers, “stop staring at my boyfriend. How f**king dare you. He’s my man.”

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“He gets to watch me sleep. He gets to watch me lick microphones,” she added, further mocking her viewers. “He gets to watch me do everything. He’s kinda a c*ck, but everyone’s into what they’re into. Some people like to watch.”

Viewers can become Amouranth’s “boyfriend”

It also seems like the sign on the doll is going to be incorporated in streams, with viewers getting their names written on it and then being replaced by another, multiple times per broadcast.

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“They’ll be the new boyfriend. They’ll be constantly replaced,” she explained. “I’ll write your name on it.”

It’s not surprising to see Amouranth implement a new way for her viewers to get engaged, considering how frequently she creates a new meta on Twitch. Whether or not we see more streamers on the platform get “boyfriends” of their own remains to be seen.

As for an actual boyfriend in her life, Amouranth has been quite private about her personal life, but during an interview with Anthony Padilla, she revealed that she’s “very inexperienced sexually” and has only had one partner before.

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In any case, it will be fun to see how many viewers try to become the streamer’s new “boyfriend” through donations in the streams ahead.

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