Amouranth slams claims successful female streamers need to be “hot”

Michael Gwilliam
Amouranth at the stream awardsTwitter/Amouranth

Twitch star and famous content creator Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa responded to fans DMing her to claim female streamers need to be “hot” in order to be successful.

Amouranth has taken the streaming world by storm, and earned the title of Best ASMR streamer at The Streamer Awards for her efforts.

In addition to streaming, the Playboy bunny has made a fortune with her OnlyFans content and frequently invests her income into wild properties such as a $10m 7-Eleven store, a plastic ball company, and loads of stock.

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Her success hasn’t come without criticism, however, with some even insisting that the only reason she has a following is because of her looks – something the Twitch icon didn’t take lightly.

Amouranth on TwitchYouTube/Kait Wild
Amouranth has dominated Twitch viewership.

Amouranth blasts fans saying female streamers need to be hot

In a post with Amouranth posing alongside popular Twitch stars such as Alinity and Alexandra Botez at The Streamer Awards, Siragusa called out those saying they’re only successful because of their looks.

“If you see that all/almost all the [women] who are super successful at streaming ‘look like super models’ and the conclusion you draw is ‘all it takes to be successful as a female content creator is to be hot,’ it’s kind of like arriving at the conclusion that all it takes to be a successful male creator is to avoid cleaning your streaming room,” she stated.

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She further compared females looking good to Asmongold and xQc not cleaning their streaming rooms – something the MMORPG streamer and former Overwatch League pro have been notorious for.

“Maybe attributing the lion’s share of the observed result to the baseline commonality isn’t using your thinking hat,” she added.

According to Amouranth, judging female streamers’ success based on their looks is like going to a basketball game and reaching the conclusion that all you need to be good is to be tall. Something she called a, “blissfully ignorant take.”

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Twitch debates continue

Obviously, there is more to being a good streamer than just being a pretty face and Amouranth’s business-savvy could be what allows her to retire earlier than some of her male counterparts.

Debating female and male streamer success has been a popular topic as of late. Notably, Mizkif claimed that women have an easier time breaking into the streaming scene, but have a harder time breaking through the glass ceiling compared to men – something that fellow Twitch icon Pokimane agreed with.

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It will be interesting to see if either of Amouranth’s streaming cohorts respond to her claims and if they agree with those opinions.

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