Amouranth compares Adam Levine to thirsty fans in her OnlyFans DMs

amouranth and adam levine of dmsTwitter/amouranth/adamlevine

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is comparing Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine to thirsty fans in her DMs, amid a cheating scandal while he’s married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo.

Adam Levine continues to swim in a pool of hot water as more women have come forward following news of his alleged affair with OnlyFans model Sumner Stroh.

Stroh claims that she was “exploited” and “completely manipulated” by Levine during their year-long affair. Levine denies cheating, but admitted to sending flirtatious DMs. In a shocking twist, she may have not been the only one he was messaging.

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Alyson Rosef, comedian Maryka, and Levine’s former yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel, have all come forward. Now, Twitch icon Amouranth has said she’s seen similar comments in her DMs.

Instagram model says she had an affair with adam levineInstagram: sumnerstroh / YouTube:Team CoCo
Adam Levine has denied Stroh’s cheating accusations.

Amouranth compares Adam Levine OF DMs

On Twitter, Amouranth shared a screenshot from another DM Levine allegedly sent where he wrote, “it is truly unreal how f**king hot you are.”

According to Siragusa, she was able to “recognize” him from her OnlyFans DMs, though it’s unclear if she was talking about Levine himself, the user who posted the screenshot or making a joke about him sounding desperate.

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Additionally, she didn’t share any of the messages, but she has previously showcased just how thirsty her fans are.

The hot tub streamer refused to further elaborate on the situation. Amouranth could also very well be trolling with the intention of getting involved in the drama.

However, if Adam Levine did in fact DM her, this wouldn’t be the first time an artist has slid into her DMs with “interesting” messages. Back in July, Amouranth exposed DMs from rapper Lil B asking her for custom feet pictures.

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We’ll have to wait and see how this story develops as the dirty laundry from this steamy affair saga continues to unfold.

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