Amouranth reveals the real reason behind making her viral rap video

Amouranth on TwitchYouTube/Kait Wild

Twitch star Amouranth has revealed the hilarious reason behind the unexpected music video she dropped last month that left the internet raising its eyebrows.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is one of Twitch’s most-watched female streamers.

Throughout the course of her career, she’s also garnered a major presence on OnlyFans, where she rakes in an estimated $1 million a month.

On top of that, she’s in the business of investing, having bought $1 million in Visa stock — as well as purchasing a $10 million 7-Eleven location, a gas station, and even a company that produces plastic balls.

twitch star amouranthTwitter: @Amouranth
Amouranth is one of Twitch’s most-watched female broadcasters – but she’s expanding her empire to even greater heights.

In January, Amouranth kicked off her career in music biz. (Well, sort of.) The Twitch star uploaded a music video that features herself rapping about her latest money moves over a basic trap beat.

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Reception for the video was somewhat mixed, with fans praising the obvious troll while critics felt her off-tune rapping wasn’t exactly the best musical debut.

In spite of the criticism, Amouranth teased a full-length album sometime in the future, claiming she’ll “go all out with a big budget and work with professionals, and actually make it not a satire.”

While it’s pretty clear that Amouranth’s debut single wasn’t exactly a ‘serious’ flex on her haters, she recently admitted that the entire point of the music video was to annoy viewers, after comparing her song to some infuriating “life hacks” she came across on YouTube.

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“I made it with the intention of making people mad that it was so bad,” she revealed. “And you know what? That did get it more comments and more traction, more views.”

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Unfortunately, it’s not clear when Amouranth’s album will be getting released, as the steamer claimed she’d only do it if her ‘Down Bad’ music video earns over 1 million views.

Right now, it’s sitting at a solid 772k, leaving her future in music up to her fans… but we’re not worried about her success, as the star recently saw herself advertised on billboards across Hollywood.

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