Amouranth reveals her home was targeted in suspected arson attack

amouranth arson attack twitch streamerTwitter, @Amouranth / Pexels

Twitch streamer (and general online celebrity) Amouranth’s property caught fire and local police suspect that she was the victim of an arson attack. She has now provided details of the situation while advising caution to others.

As explained in a thread of tweets, there was a fire alongside Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa’s home on the evening of August 13, 2021. The flames did not spread, so the streamer and her pets are all safe and sound, but local law enforcement chief suspicion is that this was an attempted arson attack.

No stranger to dangerous behavior (like frequent swattings) caused by parasocial relationships, Amouranth worked quickly to involve the police and investigations are ongoing.

Amouranth targeted in suspected arson attack

At the moment, all that is known for certain is that the fire originated from her home’s outdoor trashcan area. While evidence is examined, Amouranth has taken the time to maintain how cautious streamers should be.

With a massive presence on Twitch and across social media (including Twitter, where she has 1.5 million followers), Amouranth is attuned to the dangers faced by online celebrities.

In the past she has been subjected to swattings, fans taking flights to wed her, and situations like fans shooting fireworks at her home. While happily safe with her “fur babies,” she has still taken this moment to advise others on being prepared.

Since not much is known of the current situation other than law enforcement’s suspicions, Amouranth has simply provided details to her supporters, confirmed her safety, and proceeded to explain how other digital celebrities can be as prepared as she was.

The streamer advises being in communication with local law enforcement so that, even if they “don’t understand,” they can flag the location of your home to ensure that response is as fast as possible. Additionally, she mentioned having a “safe- or password” that allows police to know when a threat is a real one so that they can be as prepared as possible.

While every situation is different and most are likely lucky enough to not have the abundance of dangerous fans that Amouranth does, the advice to be as prepared as possible is valuable. For now, fans simply seem glad that Amouranth is safe and keeping a calm head. We’ll update this story when updates on the investigations are made available.