Amouranth leaks DMs from rapper Lil B asking for custom feet pics

amouranth exposes lil b's foot fetish DMsInstagram/Amouranth/LilB/freepik

Twitch streamer Amouranth has exposed DMs by rapper Lil B trying to commission custom feet pics to post on social media.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has become quite the businesswoman in recent years. With the millions she earns from OnlyFans and hot tub streams on Twitch, has been investing her income in gas stations and other ventures.

While her success has certainly been impressive, such fame has its downsides. In addition to stalkers, Amouranth has received some strange DMs from thirsty fans and even famous rappers.

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On July 26, Siragusa exposed rapper Lil B for sliding into her Twitter DMs to request custom feet pics – something he has grown quite infamous for.

Amouranth exposes Lil B’s foot fetish request

Using her personal Twitter account, Amouranth posted a screenshot of a DM Lil B sent her on July 7 asking for feet pictures.

In the message, Lil B asks Amouranth to write “I love Lil B” on her hands, body and feet and take photos for him to post on social media.

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His request also specifically asks that her face and feet are included in all the photos, that she be fully clothed and the images are not “computer generated.”

For her part, Amouranth seemed amused by the DM, commenting how she “made it” with the rapper asking for feet pictures.

However, she is far from the only person he has messaged in the past. A 2018 report from TheDailyBeast details how he has sent similar requests for years, even to girls who were underage.

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It’s unclear if Amouranth is going to take the rapper up on his offer or how much he was willing to pay her for the foot pics. Considering she’s charged $1,000 for fart jars in the past, chances are they wouldn’t be cheap.

We’ll have to see if the streamer is head over heels with the idea and if the Lil B ends up footing the bill.

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