Amouranth just created a new Twitch meta and streamers say it’s “genius”

Amouranth creates a new Twitch metaInstagram/Amouranth

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has shown yet again why she is one of the most successful content creators on Twitch by creating a “genius” new meta that has many streamers impressed.

Amouranth is one of Twitch’s biggest names. With millions of followers spread across multiple platforms, she’s taken the internet by storm and has made a fortune in the process.

Her wealth has afforded her many opportunities, such as buying a gas station, teasing a new supercar purchase and even producing an adult toy with fellow streamer Ludwig.

Now, with the hot tub meta behind us, the streaming community has been eager for a new meta – and Amouranth seems to have pioneered just that in the form of yoga pants Twister.

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Amouranth’s ‘yoga pants Twister’ is a Twitch hit

Twister, the old school game where players spin a wheel indicating where they need to position certain body parts on a mat, was a huge success in the 90s. Now, Amouranth has revamped it for her own purposes.

This particular combination seems to be a winner on Twitch already, and other streamers are taking notice.

Taking to Twitter, Kaceytron posted a screenshot of Amouranth in action with the caption, “A new meta is born. She later commented that Amouranth’s idea was “genius.”

Fellow streamer TSM Myth was stunned by it too, replying: “I’m genuinely impressed.”

Siragusa, meanwhile, replied by quoting ‘Meta’ CEO and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. “People think innovation is just having a good idea, but a lot of it is just moving fast and breaking things,” she said, tagging him in the message.

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Twister isn’t the only game Amouranth added to her Twitch repertoire, either; she even found a new way to enhance her hot tub streams by bringing Jenga into the mix.

Although this one may not be as spectacular as Twister in yoga pants, it just goes to show that she is out there looking for new opportunities, and there’s no telling what she could have in store for Twitch next.