Amouranth hits back after YouTuber ‘casts doubt’ over her stalker ordeal

Amouranth posing in Twitter pictureTwitter/Amouranth

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has responded to claims that her cyber-stalker ordeal was faked for attention. 

Twitch star Amouranth was left ‘fearing for her life’ after an alleged cyber-stalker sold all his possessions and traveled across the world to find her. He was then arrested after he tried to break into her house.

Now, Amouranth has defended herself against a YouTuber who insinuated that she “made it up.”

Amouranth talks about Twitch at home.YouTube: Amouranth
The Twitch streamer claimed that the YouTuber in question had jumped to conclusions after getting confused with her previous stalker experience.

Amouranth slams YouTuber for “casting aspersions”

On June 27, Amouranth took to Twitter to hit out at the unnamed YouTube who created the original video. According to the streamer, her fellow content creator had got confused with one of her previous stalker experiences that she talked about during her interview with Anthony Padilla.

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“Some YouTuber made a video casting aspersions on my stalker story,” Amouranth claimed. “Because when I did the Anthony Padilla interview I reference a stalker, and she’s saying ‘these dates don’t square up.’

“It shows the different realities that we live in. For her two stalker stories couldn’t possibly be separate incidents, so she’s like ‘yo, why doesn’t anyone realize her Padilla interview was in January but her stalker tweet said ‘may thru June.'”

The streamer also stated that she’s had “more than just two stalkers” throughout her career. She clarified that the ongoing situation with her alleged stalker from Estonia is a separate incident from one she previously spoke of with Padilla.

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It’s unclear which YouTube video Amouranth was referring to as of writing. However, she was quick to call out the creator for their mistake and for ‘casting doubt’ over her claims.

Although she trusts that her fans have a “pretty good recollection of each incident,” the Twitch star stated she has an upcoming interview with the New York Times about her alleged cyber-stalker which should clear up any misconceptions.