Amouranth explains why she won’t quit Twitch as long as she still has haters

Isaac McIntyre
Amouranth on her Twitch stream.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has declared that as long as she still has haters who try bringing her down, she won’t quit Twitch streaming, explaining they give her “boundless energy” to create content and prove them all wrong.

Amouranth finished last year as the undisputed queen of Twitch, raking in 203m views, hitting 4.9m followers, and claiming her place on the platform’s throne.

Plenty of her views, she concedes, were “haters.”

But, the stream-queen continues, that’s more than okay ⁠— those same Twitch haters hovering around “waiting for [her] to fail” are the same ones that push her to keep streaming every day, motivating her to do better. As long as they exist, Amouranth explains, she will never retire.

“I will never burnout,” she declared, “because my detractors are infinitely petty with their remarks, and the drive to prove them wrong is a renewable energy source.”

Amouranth holds two microphones on Twitch stream.
Twitch: Amouranth
Siragusa is one of the most-watched female stars on Twitch thanks to fans and haters alike.

Amouranth made the Twitch declaration on January 4, posting her promise ⁠— to stay streaming as long as she has haters ⁠— on Twitter on her @wildkait account.

“My boundless energy comes from the compulsion to prove my haters wrong,” she said, before pointing out that nearly every hater claiming she’s going to fail is nothing more than “petty and sniping” man-children online.

“Growing up relatively impoverished and then finding success on the internet, but having every single troll tell me to ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ because when I turn 30 (and the money slows), I’m liable to go broke, [it] gave me such a depression-era mentality I took a long time to get over.

“Really though,” the Twitch star continued, directly addressing those advocating for her to leave streaming, “the outcome, in reality, is diametrically opposed.”

Amouranth stands over her Twitch stream chat holding ASMR microphone cancelling haters.
Twitch: Amouranth
The 28-year-old says she draws energy from her legions of Twitch haters.

There is one thing that has worried Amouranth recently, however ⁠— as her Twitch star continues to rise, so too do the “dangers” of streaming to millions of fans.

“I don’t hate what I do, or how much I do it,” she said. “It’s the harassment. The unwarranted danger that comes from when I’m just doing my own thing. All women creators get varying degrees of harassment, but being live exposes you to the most extreme form of said persecution.”

And, when the time does eventually come for Siragusa to hang up the mics, deflate the pools, and leave the “Amouranth” persona behind, she’s ready; the 28-year-old has bought a gas station, a 7-Eleven, and raked up stocks.

“I plan to grind as long and as hard as I can,” she said, “until either, it doesn’t make sense anymore, or at some point, passive income overtakes active income.”