Amouranth explains why it’s “ironic” for gamers to have issues with her Twitch streams

Amouranth interview with VICEYouTube: VICE

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has explained why she believes it’s ironic for gamers to have an issue with her controversial ASMR content.

Amouranth is widely known for her (occasionally) controversial ASMR content on Twitch and is no stranger to daily criticism for her work.

The streamer, who was crowned the top female Twitch star of 2021, has previously hit out at those criticizing her content after she received her fourth Twitch ban in June.

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Furthermore, in a recent documentary with VICE, Siragusa elaborated and explained why it’s ironic for gamers to have an issue with her Twitch streams.

Amouranth Twitch secretInstagram/Amouranth
Crowned the top Female streamer on Twitch for 2021, Amouranth is known for her controversial sexualized streams.

During the live streaming star’s documentary with VICE released on December 30, Amouranth explained why it’s ironic for gamers to have issues with her streams.

“It’s ironic that people have an issue with real women embracing their sexuality when on all the video games that these teenagers and adults play on Twitch,” said Kaitlyn. “There are legit women being sexualized constantly.”

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The streamer continued to explain how gamers find sexual content in games acceptable but are against sexualized content on Twitch: “There are games like Dead or Alive where it’s just women in bikinis essentially trying to fight each other and balance each other’s butts at each other and that’s fine. There’s GTA that has strippers and that’s fine.”

“It’s only real women that we can’t have embrace their sexuality for a profitable gain, but men can create women characters in video games and sell it to the masses and it’s perfectly well received.”

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Previously, Amouranth has touched on potentially giving it all up and retiring, even revealing she has her retirement planned out after buying a gas station.

If she does decide to give it all up, it’ll be a huge loss for the streaming community to lose the top female Twitch star of 2021.

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