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Amouranth explains how she avoids being swatted by “obsessed” haters

Published: 6/Feb/2020 21:48

by Virginia Glaze


‘Amouranth’ is one of the biggest names on Twitch, boasting over 1.3 million followers due to her humorous content and popular Just Dancing streams — but not all of her viewers are fans of her content.

Although she sports a massive following on the site, Amouranth is likewise a subject of division across the net, with certain clips from her streams sparking outrage from critics on Reddit and other platforms.

In fact, the streaming star has received so much criticism in the past that she now fears IRL broadcasting for fear of being swatted, as told during an interview with fellow streamer Devin Nash in early February.


amouranth, Instagram
Twitch star “Amouranth” explained that she avoids conducting IRL streams for fear of being swatted.

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Swatting, defined as the act of calling police with the intention of sending armed forces to a specific location as a “prank,” has seen a drastic rise in recent years, with top streamers and even pro gamers being victimized by angry trolls.

Considering her own status as an internet personality, it comes as little surprise that Amouranth takes this possibility into consideration, revealing that it’s one of the reasons she avoids streaming IRL.

“My problem with IRL is that I have so many little insecure a**holes who like to call and swat places,” she claimed. “I get that almost every stream. If I show the name at all, or if it’s an obvious location like the zoo, people will swat and call me to try to get me kicked out, or like arrested or get in trouble, or whatever. I have that problem consistently.”


(Topic begins at 2:40:30 for mobile readers)

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Rather than broadcast charitable streams from animal shelters, as seen from other top stars like Pokimane, Amouranth has opted to forego such projects in fear of risking the safety of both the animals and shelter workers, alike.

“I would love to volunteer at shelters and have their donation link so people can donate to the shelter, but now I’m like, ‘I don’t want the shelter to get swatted, though,’” she continued.

“It’s just a mess. It’s like, how do I do this without risking the animals and the people who work there, you know?”

“Swatting” refers to the practice of calling a large number of armed forces to a specific location as a “prank” toward particular individuals.

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With the net being outraged over her IRL Target stream, where she shopped dressed in a French maid outfit, Amouranth’s tentativeness to conduct another public broadcast makes sense in wake of such swattings against Fortnite pro ‘Clix’ and streamers like ICE_POSEIDON.