Amouranth crowned the internet’s favorite “crator” in hilarious award typo

Amouranth award typoTwitch: Amouranth

When posting about a recent awards show win, content creator Amouranth poked fun at the fact that the actual award she was presented with had a massive typo on the inscription.

Amouranth has become one of the most successful and most-followed female streamers in recent years. Boasting over 6 millions followers on Twitch while also having a big presence across many other platforms, she’s renowned across all of social media.

Part of her recent success has led to the content creator being nominated and in some cases winning awards for her various work. At a recent awards show highlighting certain adult content, Amouranth won an award that had a glaring issue with its inscription, one that she was quick to share online with her community.

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Amouranth revealed the typo in a Twitter post, captioning the image Favorite “Crator” site star. Many of her fans – as well as other content creators – have commented on the post, sharing their amusement at the mishap.

Emily Bloom called the moment “kinda iconic” while others were commenting on how Amouranth should be sent a new trophy with the correct spelling of creator. While an award typo might be a first for Amouranth, this isn’t the first time that the content creator has found herself at the mercy of a similar situation.

On January 3, Amouranth posted a job listing seeking out moderators for her chat on Twitter. The post’s slight error did not go unnoticed by her fans who were quick to point out that she had written “laid” instead of “paid” at the end of the post.

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“LOOKING FOR NEW TWITCH MODS!” she wrote. “If you mod for other big streamers & have a reference or would like to join the team DM me or reply here! ALSO EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP MOD MY NEW SHOW (some positions will be laid or developed into paid positions!!).”

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