Amouranth “cleaning house” at OnlyFans agency as Twitch star plans fresh start


Amouranth has revealed she’s “cleaning house” of employees from her OnlyFans agency ‘Real Work’ who don’t align with her values as the Twitch star has begun plans for a fresh start following recent relationship issues with her husband.

On October 16, Amouranth revealed that she had a husband who was actively abusing her after showing a phone call and text messages from her other half with various threats.

Two days later, the Twitch star returned to her channel and explained that she was finally “free” from her husband and was going to begin a fresh start with her content.

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Now, she’s revealed that she’s “cleaning house” at her agency, replacing some employees with others that better align with her values.

Amouranth “cleans house” at her company

Amouranth took to her alternate Twitter account on October 24 to explain that she started “cleaning house” at her agency to prioritize new hires that align better with her values.

“Been cleaning house and moving forward with an eye towards prioritizing hires that have a strong cultural fit and align with my values,” she explained. “Will be reaching out to real work clients + staff today & tomorrow and navigating the path forward! I plan to continue with all of the projects I committed to prior.”

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Amouranth went on to explain that she wants to keep a level of continuity in her life as a way to reflect, heal, find her bearings, and figure out her path forward after beginning a fresh start in her life.

“I think I also owe it to industry partners, other creators, and to the remaining staff I’ve hand-picked to see things thru,” she added.

While it appears these changes will largely take place within her OnlyFans creator agency, Real Work, it’s still unknown what type of changes to the Twitch stars content we’ll see in the future.

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