Amouranth blasts Instagram for refusing to ban fake account using her pictures

Emma Hill
Amouranth YouTube

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has hit out at Instagram after the platform refused to delete a spam account posting her own pictures – including the very same images that got her banned from Instagram in the first place.

In the early days of her streaming career, Amouranth developed an impressive profile over on Instagram to help boost her following, attracting fans to her Twitch channel.

However, that all came to an end when she was suddenly banned from the social media platform due to “nudity” being included in her content.

Now, Amouranth is calling on help from her fans after an account pretending to be her was given the green light by Instagram. Despite the fact it features the images that she herself was banned for.

Amouranth TwitterAmouranth: Twitter
Amouranth was banned from Instagram for posting images that contained ‘nudity.’

Amouranth criticizes Instagram’s ‘terrible policies’

In a Twitter thread on April 19, Amouranth posted a series of comments in which she blasted Instagram for “refusing” to ban a fake account. According to the streamer, the troll is not only pretending to be her ‘official’ Instagram account, but also posting the images that landed her with a ban.

Sharing a screenshot of the fake account, Amouranth said: “This is not me. Not sure why Instagram banned my Amouranth Instagram account, then literally allows an account that copied all my main Instagram’s content […] all the while refusing to ban this fake account.”

The 28-year-old then went on to blast Instagram’s “terrible policies” claiming that by banning her the platform has become “less safe.” She further stated that the fake user is “running a romance scam” and is subsequently using her “name and likeness to engage in criminal scamming.”

Amouranth calls on help from fans

Having had little luck trying to get Instagram to take down the fake Instagram account herself, Amouranth called on her fans to do what they could to bring the page down.

The streamer instructed fans to ‘Report’ the Instagram page and to say the user is pretending to be ‘someone I know.’

Hopefully, the fake Instagram account will be taken down quickly. However, it looks as if Amouranth herself won’t be able to get back on the platform any time soon having previously said that “no one wants to take on the role of managing [her] account.”